We want to learn from our collective stories and experiences. To engage and activate your community support, please tell us more about successes, resources, needs for advocacy, and challenges you are having at the local, regional, state, and federal levels that affect you and/or your learning community. Content that aligns with our mission will be shared in our social media feeds and newsletters.

  • Are there educational bills or current events that are concerning to you as homeschoolers or alternative learners?
  • Are there ways of non-traditional learning in your region that other regions might not know about and could learn from?
  • Is there a way that you have been able to make your learning communities more inclusive for all families?
  • Are there conferences, speakers, books, or articles that our community might want to know about?
  • Are there colleges, universities, or programs that you have had positive experiences with and are supportive of our homeschoolers and alternative learners?
  • Is there a special project that your homeschoolers are engaged in and could use a boost?
  • Are you looking for a speaker or subject matter expert?

If you are looking for support or advocacy, please include a contact person with information or links for our community members to follow to offer their support.

Email links, stories, and correspondence to info@homeandhybrideducation.org

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