What are your options?

Home Instruction

Families in Virginia can homeschool by filing Notice of Intent to Home Instruct. They must supplement that by proving they have fulfilled at least one of three requirements in the home to be allowed to Home Instruct (the parent having at least a high school diploma, they meet the requirements set by an assigned teacher from the state Board of Ed., evidence can be provided that the student is receiving a sufficient education, and that the parent provides the student with a course of study that can be given through a correspondence course or similar manner), and families must provide proof of academic advancement during the school year.

Religious Exemption

Virginia law exempts from compulsory school attendance “Any pupil who, together with his parents, by reason of bona fide religious training or belief is conscientiously opposed to attendance at school.” The statute further clarifies that “For purposes of this subdivision, ‘bona fide religious training or belief’ does not include essentially political, sociological or philosophical views or a merely personal moral code.” See Va. Code Ann. § 22.1-254(B)(1) and § 22.1-254.1(D). (Coalition for Responsible Home Education)

Certified Tutor

State homeschooling legislation allows for parents who feel they require assistance in providing their child an adequate education to hire a state certified tutor. Yearly notification and assessment is not required with this method, as long as the tutors certification remains current.