What are your options?

Homeschooling under the School District

Parents or guardians may submit a Home School plan to their local board of trustees for approval. It must include the state required subjects and detailed records and portfolios must be kept and submitted semi-annually to the school district. If the board of trustees finds that the student is not receiving a sufficient education, the family will be given 30 days to rectify that under penalty of revoked approval. This is referred to as Option 1 in the state’s homeschooling legislation

South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS)

Families are exempt from reporting to the local school district if they become members and homeschool under the umbrella of SCAHIS. It is a religious organization that fulfills state requirements in subjects and learning time, and requires standardized testing. This is referred to as Option 2 in the state’s homeschooling legislation.

Other Home School Association

Families may choose to homeschool with any independent home school association that has no fewer than 50 members and is in compliance with the state requirements. In this case, both the parents and teacher must keep detailed records and portfolios of the student’s work to be reported to the school district. This is referred to as Option 3 in the state’s homeschooling legislation.